Hyperbaric Therapy
Prices & Payment Options

Monoplace Chamber Treatment
A monoplace chamber holds one person.

$100 for physical examination

60-minute treatment: $175.00

     10 treatments $165.00 (each)
     20 treatments $155.00 (each)
     40 treatments $145.00 (each) x40 = $5,800     

90-minute treatment: $260.00
     10 treatments $250.00 (each)
     20 treatments $225.00 (each) x25=$5,625     
     40 treatments $215.00 (each)

Financing is available


Join our free Founders Group and lock in your rates for 2 years if prepaid before each visit.

Gift Certificates

Are available for any increment and we will apply the pre-pay discounted price.

Methods of Payment

Insurance rarely pays for HBOT delivered in a freestanding center. While we hope that this situation changes in the future, we are able to accept the following forms of payment:
     Personal checks
     Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover
     Care Credit

We will assist in any way possible to provide the necessary paperwork for you to submit a claim to your insurance carrier. We are unable to file claims for insurance coverage and we are not able to deliver HBOT based on the possibility of insurance reimbursement.

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