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The mechanical effects of pressure cause an immediate reduction in edema (swelling). Edema prevents oxygenation of insult sites; so by reducing edema, we get a dramatic increase in blood flow, and super-oxygenation of the insult site, which promotes healing.

After about 15 minutes (on oxygen) at treatment depth/pressure the body experiences “total gas wash- out” which means that all of the nitrogen has been eliminated from every cell in the body, and has been replaced by oxygen. It is possible to measure shifts in the dissolved oxygen (at the cellular level) at 15-20 times what could be achieved by breathing oxygen at the surface (atmospheric pressure).

This massive shift in dissolved oxygen at the cellular level will kill any obligate anaerobic bacteria.

Exposure to the hyperbaric oxygen environment facilitates detoxification; when we take the toxic load from the equation, healing is accelerated.

In cases where neurons in the brain have been damaged (stroke or concussion) HBOT has been proven to reduce the size and scope of the penumbra. When we shrink the penumbra we activate idling neurons, these idling neurons can be “re-trained” to perform their original function.

The message here is that HBOT without PT, OT, and ST is not nearly as effective.

CD 34+ pluripotent stem cell mobilization. The University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine conducted a game changing study in 2004. This is replicatable science and it shows that 40 hours of HBOT exposure over a consecutive 20-day period can be expected to mobilize 800% more CD 34+ pluripotent stem cells (remember these are keyed with the patient’s own DNA) than would normally be mobilized.

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