Breathe 100% oxygen in our state-of-the-art hyperbaric chambers to aid the natural healing process.

Our hyperbaric chambers harness oxygen to treat serious illness. Treatment is custom-designed to meet each patient's needs. Our unique partnership with The Neuroscience Center and PathFinder Brain SPECT Imaging allows us to offer our patients the best possible diagnosis and treatment options.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps speed up the natural healing process for many conditions.

By increasing circulation and oxygen, HBOT can repair damaged blood vessels and reduce inflammation.
HBOT is very safe, and there are few negative side effects.

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What Our Patients Say About HBOT

"My husband was referred to Hyperbaric Centers of Chicago by his psychiatrist as part of his treatment for brain injury.  The treatments were professional, comfortable, and relaxing.  Overall, my husband's severe depression and alcoholism went into remission after a couple months of treatment here.  I am so thankful to this facility and its dedicated staff!"

Sue Watkins

Glencoe, IL

"Hyperbaric Centers of Chicago is located within the same complex as my psychiatrist.  While it was considered optional for my condition, I really did feel much better after several pressurized oxygen treatments.  I happily pay out of pocket for the energy I get from my hyperbaric oxygen treatment."

Barbara Feldman

Chicago, IL

"Hyperbaric oxygen therapy from Hyperbaric Centers of Chicago healed the effects of my concussion and traumatic brain injury. Before it was like I was stuck in the cloud. Foggy. Couldn't think straight. Felt wobbly like when I moved it didn't match where I thought I was. After the therapy, I would say I'm 80 percent healed.  They arranged before and after imaging so we could see the healing. I have hope it will continue to improve so I am sticking with the oxygen therapy. Each day I continue to see improvement."

Robert Samuelson

Schaumburg, IL

Understanding Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

HBOT Hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, also known as HBOT, is a medical treatment that delivers 100% oxygen to a patient’s pulmonary system while they are within a pressurized chamber. Basically, the patient breathes oxygen at levels far greater than that which is available at a normal pressure in the environment.

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