Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Technician

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The Hyperbaric Technician administers hyperbaric oxygen therapy to patients as prescribed by the Hyperbaric Provider. This position is responsible for the safe and effective operation of the hyperbaric chamber(s) and related support systems, as well as for the safe delivery of hyperbaric oxygen therapy to the hyperbaric patient.

The Hyperbaric Technician performs diagnostic and therapeutic duties according to Hyperbaric Centers of Chicago


The successful technician will be/have:

  • Familiar with the physics and physiology of hyperbaric medicine 
  • Knowledge about Class A, B & C hyperbaric chambers 
  • Able to work with others in a team atmosphere 
  • Able to maintain a clean, organized workspace
  • A non-smoker
  • Have strong interpersonal, oral and written communication skills
  • Organization and time-management skills
  • Neat and professional in appearance and conduct 
  • Able to demonstrate pride in workmanship 
  • Basic math skills
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint)


The responsibilities of the technician are outlined as follows: 

  • Administers hyperbaric treatments to patients in a safe and effective manner under the supervision of a physician 
  • Operate and maintain hyperbaric chamber and associated systems and equipment as prescribed by a hyperbaric physician and under supervision of program director or clinical coordinator. 
  • Monitor patients in the chamber and record patient conditions. 
  • Ensure patient comfort and address patient concerns
  • Report any unusual occurrences. 
  • Maintain operating, maintenance, and safety logs on hyperbaric equipment. 
  • Keep patient treatment records and collect data as required.
  • Willing and able to cross-train for other team members to assist in smooth, uninterrupted clinic function in the case of absence.
  • Willing and able to attend training at remote sites.
  • Take pride and be an active part in keeping center clean, organized, and professional in appearance.
  • Prepares patients receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy. This includes pre and post dive assessments to assure that both physical environment, equipment and patient related risk factors are eliminated or controlled before and during the patient’s treatment (in coordination with the medical team).
  • Conducts patient orientation sessions to new patients and their personal support system.
  • Sets up and operates all equipment relating to HBOT including, but not limited to:   
  • Patient monitoring: blood sugar testing, blood pressure monitoring, visualization of tympanic membranes, lung auscultation, appropriate hyperbaric-approved clothing and hygiene practices, patient grounding.
  • Chamber monitoring: Daily, monthly, yearly safety checks and equipment monitoring (chamber grounding, compression/decompression times, function of dials, maintenance of masks and air break equipment)
  • Operates the hyperbaric chambers according to training and established protocols. This includes an assessment of all aspects of the treatment (pre/post dive, compression and decompression) and appropriately intervening when necessary as outlined in established protocols.
  • Be knowledgeable in hyperbaric and pressurized gas equipment and systems and troubleshooting skills.
  • Institutes emergency measures in the unlikely event of an adverse reaction as outlined in established protocols.
  • Performs routine cleaning per protocols of the hyperbaric chamber and ancillary equipment to prevent the transmission of infection and assure equipment is functioning properly.
  • Documentation of hyperbaric treatments and diagnostic procedures on the patient’s chart as outlined in established protocols.
  • Performs safety and maintenance checks of hyperbaric and ancillary equipment as per established protocols.
  • Monitors and requests the ordering of all inventory items in advance of depletion.
  • Provides “in-services” to foster educational development of hyperbaric oxygen therapy to groups deemed appropriate.
  • Works in compliance with provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Act and Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society related to and maintaining all health and safety policies, procedures, and provisions established by HCT.
  • Performs other reasonable duties as assigned.
  • Maintains careful records of any pressurization according to the format in the treatment log.

Unique Physical and Mental Demands

The Hyperbaric Technician must be able to work under conditions of frequent interruptions, while maintaining patient and clinic safety. The technician must have a high degree of initiative and judgment that is required to coordinate the daily functions of HCT effectively and implement established patient and safety protocols. Must be able to meet the physical demands of patient care relating to hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Must be able to be pressurized on a daily basis (excluding pregnancy, normal seasonal colds and occasional sinus/allergy conditions.)


Qualifications of Autonomous Technician

  • Current Basic Life Support (BLS)/CPR certification
  • High school diploma/GED with 2 years experience or Associate’s or Technical degree required
  • Successful completion of a recognized course in Respiratory Therapy, Emergency Medical Technician, Nursing Aide, or Nursing
  • Registered with local and/or national organizations required by their profession to maintain professional licensure
  • Completion of a UHMS approved course in Hyperbaric Medicine

Technician Acquisition and Maintenance of Technician Status

  • Must sit (within the first year of employment) and pass the National Board exams to certify as a Technician.
  • Must operate a chamber at least eighty (80) hours every two years and attend a safety conference every two years.
If interested in applying, please message jobs@openhill.com
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